Sermon Extras

Below you will find links to articles or other added material that Pastor Jarod references in the message or uses for research when preparing a message. This is provided so you can be a "Berean" (see Acts 17:10-11)  and do your own study into the Truth.

God's Design for the Church

January 10, 2019

An article related to the Biblical design for the Church as a whole.

Waiting on God - in-depth notes

May 11, 2017

Here are the detailed notes concerning the topic of waiting on God. Please share and study for your spiritual benefit and that of others. All copyrights reserved.

Biblical Case Against Racism

January 01, 2020

Here is an article that touches on a few misunderstandings about what the Bible teaches about races. (Hint: There is only one race of humans!)

Noah's Ark - Yes! It really happened that way!

July 21, 2016

Some articles and research concerning the viability of Noah's Ark. Totally incredible stuff!

And if you want more thant a "boat load" of information, check this out:

Giants in the Bible

June 26, 2016

Good article speaking to different giants as described in the Scriptures. They were real!

Ages in Scripture

June 12, 2016

This is where you can find the age chart which was used in the message in June about Biblical geneologies.

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