We encourage our members to be well read and to pay attention to what is happening in our world. We do not believe in "head in the sand" Christianity, and seek to provide resources which will help Christians to be alert to spiritual opportunities and dangers. Please use and share these articles as the Lord leads.
Family Issues

In this day and age, the family is under attack. Even the very basic biblical family structure between one man and one woman is being questioned and impuned. Here are some links to websites that address family issues head on, and from a Biblical perspective. We encourage you to read and inform yourself on this important topic.


Family Life - This is an outstanding ministry to build up the family. Plenty of good articles here. - We encourage all parents who love their children to look into this issue.


Sermonettes - Our Pastor's Blog


An outstanding habit we encourage every married couple to practice.



Creation Science

We believe that the assult on Biblical Creation is an assult on the foundations of the Christian faith. This battle is a pivotal battle and it is vital that the informed Christian is aware of the issues involved. Here are some ministries that we trust to provide solid and helpful information on this issue.


Institute for Creation Research


Answers in Genesis

Think Outside the Box of Noah's Ark

Current Events

We believe it is important for Christians to be salt and light in the world, as Jesus commanded us. In order for this to be effective, Christians should stay informed about what is happening in the world around them in order to provide wise, Biblical influence. This includes participating in the governmental process and providing biblical perspectives to our friends and family on important issues and events. Check out these sites to keep you up to date, and maybe provide a biblical perspective.


Albert Mohler Blog - (We are not a SBC, but Mr. Mohler's Biblical analysis of modern issues is excellent.)


Imprimis - A monthly publication of Hillsdale College.


Wall Builders - Excellent ministry and resource related to Christians impacting the current culture.

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